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LS1 portable high precision laser range finder laser electronic ruler

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Measurement accuracy: ±1mm
Unit: m/in/ft
Working temperature: 0°C-40°C
Endurance: 180mah / about 3000 measurements (with built-in lithium battery charging)
Measuring range: 0.03-40m
Laser type: 620~670nm, 1mw Class 2
Charging mode: DC 5V, 0.2A
Professional quality of key parts: ignoring its high value, LS1 is a professional measuring tool with a measurement accuracy of 1 mm and a response time of 0.2 seconds, you can trust your every click.
(1) Germany First Senser photoelectric avalanche tube (can detect very low optical signal intensity)
(2) STMicroelectronics ST chipset ( STMicroelectronics is the fifth largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world)
(3) US Silicon Labs imported clock chip (20Y CMOS mixed signal devices have been sold)
(4) Japan TDK Inductance / Solid State Capacitance (TDK's sense value ratio is more balanced, better than domestic).
The general distance measuring pen, 10m is the cutter head, and the effective distance of the Anshi LS1 miniature laser range finder (ranging pen) reaches 40m.
The first three measurements can be stored on the screen, which is very intimate.
Compared with other rangefinders that are equipped with batteries, the Anshi LS1 rangefinder is more convenient with a built-in lithium battery, charging for 10 minutes, enough for a long time.
And this ANS LS1 range finder, just got the German IF design award in 2019, understand the natural understanding of the design, which basically represents the Oscar level of the design world.
It is made of a one-piece aluminum-magnesium alloy casing, matte, matte metal texture, and is of good quality in your hand. And with 5 sandblasting polishing, anti-sweat, anti-corrosion no problem. Look at other similar ranging tools in the market, you know that it is deserved... The whole body has only one physical button, but it can be realized, front and back reference measurement, unit switching, precision adjustment, and other functions. Strong and simple.

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