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New pocket printer-Sumhen PeriPage printer

Updatetime:2018-12-20 20:42:37 | Hits:1

Mobile phone new companion - PeriPage  pocket printer

Mentioned the printer,

If you think of it first,

Still, that accounted for more than half of the table,

The big guy who is working hard and booming,

Then you can succeed out~

Can you imagine the feeling of putting the printer in your pocket?

Of course not the pocket of Doraemon~

A small, incredible printer that I’m pushing today.


that's it

Ericsson Pocket Printer


It's a way to make your brain open.

A print artifact that enhances your literary temperament

No need to connect to the power supply, no ink,

Using thermal printing,

Load the paper and hit it.


Yes, you are not mistaken,

This is not a science fiction blockbuster.

It is a scene that really exists in real life.

The literary art is small and fresh in the shape of a cute and fascinating world.

Round knock cute

Well, it’s a bit like Polaroid.

But it has to be petite.

(The size is only 79*79*42mm and the weight is only 155g).

Not as big as the palm of your hand, it’s about the same weight as the iPhone8.

Whether it is in the bag or put the bag into the pocket, there is a problem.

The focus is coming! Knock on the blackboard!

Don't be fooled by its cute appearance

What it can do is far beyond your imagination.

User-friendly operation design,

Just three simple steps, you can play whatever you want.

In addition to general picture printing,

The matching free editing function of the same name APP is even worse!

Graphic and text, text transformation, adding themes, personality graffiti...

Only one picture is too monotonous?

Then make an expression first.

Adding a border and writing a few lines is all right.

You can edit it yourself in the Love Bear App.

Make it a handwritten picture.

It’s omnipotent, it’s just that you have a freestyle!

You can also use it,

Open a plate of werewolf kills with friends at any time.

Or play Sudoku at no time, order a flip-flop animation.

Can meet the needs of multiplayer games

I can also enrich my time alone...

If you feel that you lack self-discipline

You can also remind yourself by calling a banner or a list!

Self-entertainment is not enough

You can also use it to hook up friends!

Is a love confession artifact oh~

Everyone who has an erotic bear will have a bear.

After registering, you can use Erlie Bear to communicate with friends remotely.

As long as you add the other bear, no matter how far, you can pass small notes to each other.

It also has a very necessary function

Test God! !

This is for the student party

Really important!

It can be used to print the wrong question,

You don't have to work hard to copy into the wrong book one by one.

Easy to record and summarize

Minutes will help you pass the exam!