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This is the coolest Bluetooth padlock in the world

Updatetime:2018-07-24 22:32:00 | Hits:1

Recently, there is a smart Bluetooth padlock hot sale in the market. We usually have the trouble of forgetting to bring the keys, there is no way to enter the house. And now there is a smart padlock that can support mobile phone control unlock or fingerprint unlock. The smart Bluetooth padlock looks like a traditional traditional padlock. In fact, it has a “smart heart”. The Bluetooth padlock does not require a cumbersome key and can be directly controlled by our smartphone or fingerprint. Smart Bluetooth Padlock, the phone is the key!

The smart Bluetooth padlock can be unlocked by the mobile phone. The low-power Bluetooth technology allows your mobile phone to establish a Bluetooth connection with the padlock, thus controlling the items you want to keep. One phone can control multiple locks, and one lock can also support multiple models. Mobile phone control makes it easier and more convenient to use. Support Android and iOS two mobile phone control systems, covering most mobile phone users. Support mobile phone Bluetooth automatic unlocking, password unlocking, fingerprint sensing unlocking and other methods, no longer stick to the traditional key unlocking method, do not have to carry the key with you when you go out, the rise of Bluetooth padlock, let you worry more and save trouble.

We expect this product will have a huge consumer population. If you want to order this product, please feel free to contact us.


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