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New generation of pocket printer Paperang P2

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We are in an age of information explosion. Fragmented information needs to be sorted out and summarized. Many restaurants and e-commerce companies need to send goods to end customers, and urgently need a more convenient printing method. For a group of language learners or housewives, paperang P2 is undoubtedly their gospel.

Paperang P2 can be used for refrigerator prompt labels, shoe box clothing sorting, supermarket shopping list, home text message wall or for temporary printing business cards. For language lovers, there is a powerful feature, OCR recognition, that can quickly turn pictures into editable text.


As we know,china market have many different kinds of thermal printer,they can supply similar functions,such as Memobird GT1/Ilebear items.Ilebear items have similar desigh with paperang p1,it also have 203DPI.Memobird GT1 is still hot sale in Thailand market,many customer love it,and give us very good feedback. So what's unique about Paperang p2?paperang P2 have 300DPI,print the words or picture will more clearly than others.we know most of POS printer or barcode printer is 203DPI.sometime the words is not very clearly.And paperang P2 is also support PC/IOS/Andorid. We expect this product will have a huge consumer population. If you want to order this product, please feel free to contact us.

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