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How to choose smart bracelet?

Updatetime:2018-05-11 21:25:28 | Hits:1

The smart bracelet is a smart wearable device, which is very similar to a smart watch. Its main functions are time, pace, heart rate, schedule/call/message reminder, and browsing mobile phone information. Most smart wristbands have a clock function, but most smart wristbands have no design of the dial, and the transition between the host part and the strap is relatively natural, and the appearance is more like a bracelet. Smartwatches are also more powerful and can be installed with apps, but smart bracelets are relatively simple.

The most intuitive difference is Apple's Apple Watch and millet bracelet. One is a smart watch and the other is a smart bracelet.

Compared to mobile phones, smart bracelets are not so arrogant, more light and sturdy, showering, strenuous exercise, wild adventure, restful sleep, etc. can be brought, the important point is that the smart bracelet's battery life is the phone's N Times. In the future, the application of smart bracelets will also be more extensive, such as unlocking mobile phones, driving doors, room doors, bus subway cards, pay-as-you-go, and even controlling home appliances.


At the same time, for people who have the perseverance to exercise, regular rest, and develop good habits, the smart bracelet can be reminded at a set time, and record certain objective data for analysis and reference.

Before buying, you can consider special or most important needs, such as focusing on sports, focusing on schedule management, or long battery life.


1, for a peripheral, the best is that it can be applied in all weather conditions, the entire scene, a lot of faithful users of the wristband is very concerned about the material of the wristband, because of good material, can have a comfortable sense of wearing, such as food grade TPU , but not good material will appear sticky, difficult to clean and other issues. In addition to the material, the rationality of the design is also very important, such as the wavy strap, can make the skin not too stuffy.

2, like sports users, certainly must be able to step, monitor the sports data, choose the important indicator of the bracelet is naturally waterproof and dustproof, because the body will inevitably sweat after strenuous exercise.

3, battery life is really important, for improving battery life, first battery capacity, first, software optimization, first, reduce screen display. In contrast, standby time without screens will be longer. In addition, after the GPS function is turned on, the power consumption will be significantly faster.

4, the best wearable device is to make you feel it is not there, the same bracelet, non-inductive wear is also an important reference dimension, most bracelets can be controlled within 10g, or even 5g.