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PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses makes insomnia impossible

Updatetime:2018-04-11 18:31:10 | Hits:1

Are you troubled by insomnia?

A new generation of scientific and technological innovation product" PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses" came out, improving your sleep and solving insomnia.

Nowadays, almost all kinds of smart devices such as smart wristbands, smart glasses, smart clothes, and smart furniture are increasingly available. After many rounds of innovations, smart glasses are mostly upgraded with visual effects, such as the recent crazy AR/VR virtual reality glasses. Today I introduced to you is a smart sleep eyeglasses that can improve sleep. It is totally different from other smart glasses. It doesn't toss your eyes any more. It allows insomniacs to sleep well.

Wearing the PEGASI Glasses 25 min/day at 7-9 am helps you regulate and improve sleep quality in a healthy way, you will NOT need to rely on sleep-aid medicine.

The Lightest Light Therapy Glasses, weighs only 1.3 oz. ! Unique fashion and material design. You can wear it in various occasions even when you are wearing yourown glasses.

The technology behind PEGASI Light Therapy System is based upon our research conducted with Johns Hopkins University. PEGASI Light Therapy Glasses have been clinically proven to be 90-97% effective in relieving the symptoms of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (CRSD), Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other common sleep issues including: difficulty falling asleep; difficulty in awakening; or a lack of deep restorative sleep.

PEGASI discovered a specific wavelength (between 475-480nm) 100% UV-free blue light that can improve your sleep quality by adjusting the secretion level of melatonin and helping human body change the biological rhythm and body clock.

The PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses can also help avoid jet lag or afternoon sluggishness.

In addition to regulating sleep, PEGASI can also monitor sleep status and turn on different sleep treatment options for different sleep data. And these need to bind the mobile phone APP to sleep to achieve. During the trial period, I was also tied to sleep and saw the daily sleep at a glance.

You can connect PEGASI directly to sending sleep through Bluetooth. To know real-time sleep data, you need to bind the Xiaomi bracelet. After binding the wristband, sending sleep can be synchronized to understand sleep, while analyzing sleep data. Sleeping APP has 3 functions: synchronizing and recording sleep data, sleep adjustment, sleep-friend interaction. Sleep data will see the length of sleep, sleep scores, deep sleep and light sleep, wake up time, and more. If you are interested in the product do not forget to contact us.

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