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Paperang P1S has a date with your spring

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Paperang P1s, Paperang latest product that supports multiple color appearance, as well as support for multi-standard label printing. 

Bid farewell to the cold winter;

Can not wait to enter the warm spring day;

Sunshine, waves, flowers, mountains

Everyone's vision of nature comes from this.


# The first new products in 2018 #

Spring brings you to feel the breath of life

Ice cream green paperang

Pure blue-green sea wave;

Clean long white sand beach;

In the air haunted bursts of coconut;

Listen to the whisper of each spray;

This time slowed lazily.


We especially pick the blue sky Nadu blue;

Nama green between blue and green;

With a small wave from the ocean;

A circle extends to your heart.

Girlfriends pink paperang

Waves were led by the sea breeze flock to the shore;

The flowers on the shore are the most gentle expressions of the sea;

Large lawn

Blooming flowers

The air-conditioning in winter was finally driven away by the warm sun of spring.

Put on a pink bright macaron color;

In the year's most suitable girl's season;

Sowed a girl's seeds.

2018 for the youngest woman

Create a special pink girl section

Lifelong girl series

Heavy upgrade another printing method


This time is more than just targeted

Appearance color upgrade

Is to upgrade the adaptable

Print a variety of different specifications of the label



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