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New items of Memobird and Paperang,amazing?

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In the past few months, our partner companies product “ Paperang P1 “and “Memobird G2” swept the southeast Asian market. Agents and customers who work with us have made huge profits in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and other markets. For our partner suppliers, hope we can develop more excellent products to meet market demand.

Now, memobird developed a new product Memobird Go, some customers call it the Memobird G3, which is the meaning of the third generation of such products.The biggest difference between this product and the previous two generations is the Bluetooth connection.Memobird G1 and G2 all via WIFI connection.As we know,thermal printer can be remotely connected via WIFI,good feature is ultra-long distance control connection, the bad thing is that the connection is more complicated.The new product memobird G3 is Bluetooth connection,it is same with paperang P1,and G3 models is build in battery, delicate design,very easy to carry. G3 is small and stylish,it uses electronic notes way, keep every important moment around you, record life perception. So as a creativity gift to friends and family is very suitable.

For Paperang, they have developed the new Paperang PT1, a label thermal printer that is extremely easy to use, it belongs to the first cost-effective label printer. But this product also has some features need to be improved, such as setting the length of the label paper, for some customers a bit complicated.And some customer say the label paper is a bit expensive. For SUMHEN, it's especially crucial to balance the product's innovation and price / performance. I want to say these two products, they are amazing. If you are interested in the product do not forget to contact us.

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