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CES2018: These technologies and trends make the future come

Updatetime:2018-01-11 16:17:12 | Hits:1

1.Automotive Technology - the strongest innovation series


Technical supplier representatives: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am car platform, NVIDIA Xavier autopilot, Baidu Apollo2.0 autopilot, Intel Mobileye high-precision map.

Automotive OEMs: Ford City Mobility Solutions (car delivery), Mercedes-Benz multimedia interactive system (touch screen operation, smart voice assistant), Nissan IMx zero emission concept car production version (autopilot) Inch screen), Xiaopeng car G3 (equipped with 25 smart sensors).

Three major trends: electric vehicles, automatic driving, car networking.

Automotive technology as the highlight of this year's CES no rival, and even the media will be CES2018 directly laugh called "Auto Technology Exhibition." This year's exhibition of automotive technology enterprises up to 500, the exhibition site covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, directly opened a car technology first year.

Automotive technology is the biggest driver of development than Qualcomm, Nvidia, Intel, Baidu and other technology suppliers in chip technology, artificial intelligence field plowing and eruption. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am car platform and integrated 4G LTE modem infotainment system, car networking ready. NVIDIA's Xavier processor is more of a dreaded autopilot supercomputer that includes a custom 8-core CPU, a 512-core Volta-architecture GPU, and a 12nFFN, the most complex SoC ever built to handle autopilot

2. Smart Home - the strongest brain series


Technology camp on behalf of: Amazon Alexa against Google Assistant

Home platform representatives: LG ThinQ platform, Samsung smartThing, Haier's smart home platform "U +"

Trend: intelligent voice assistant

CES2017 broke a lot of smart home innovation platform and heavy new products, such as Sony's return to OLED TV after a lapse of ten years, Samsung's quantum dot TV up to 2000nit brightness, there are very active domestic appliance manufacturers. However, this year, both the smart home platform and home appliance products have just undergone a conventional slow upgrade. The TV even includes only AI voice assistants and dynamic HDR support, all of which are superficial.

Like the Sony OLED TV A8F, it was just the cheap version of the flagship A1 last year. Image quality specifications did not change much, but abandoned the body of the pursuit of A1 minimalist into the living space of the board design, the back of the layout becomes messy bloated. As a technical chief of color TV industry, in front of the market also had to compromise the pursuit of the ultimate spirit.

However, to promote the greatest artificial intelligence home "behind the scenes" or look at Amazon and Google. Last year, Alexa, a smart assistant at Amazon, became a big star. From the speakers, the car to the refrigerator, countless devices built into the voice assistant, Echo was in a mess. But this year CES is not just Amazon's show, Google also added a fire. With the support of Android Auto and Google's Nest, Google Assistant Google Assistant also has a far-reaching layout in the automotive and smart home sectors. For example, LG's OLED TV, are integrated Google Voice Assistant.

3.DIY market - peak against the series

Chip manufacturers on behalf of: AMD, Intel, NVIDIA

Core new products: Ryzen APU, Xavier chip, Kaby Lake-G processor, 64-inch 4K HDR display


Chinese exhibitors - the rise of new forces series

Chinese business representatives: Baidu, Hisense, Huawei, vivo, IETF fly, Suning,Paperang,RII

China Power Representative: Driverless, Intelligent Hardware, Smart Voice, Future Retail.

Many of Sumhen's partner factories participated in 2018 CES, including pocket printer maker paperang and smart hardware vendors and instant-translator vendors.