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What did Jack Ma say at the 2017 4th World Internet Conference?

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The annual World Internet Conference, the Internet Gangster has become the focus of many users and the media, especially the BAT's "three heads."

December 3 to 5, the Fourth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang kicked off. On the first day of the meeting, Jack Ma(Alibaba), Martin Ma(Tencent) and Robin Li(Baidu) delivered keynote speeches respectively. Among them, Ma talked about the impact of the Internet on all aspects of our social life in the next 30 years, while Robin Li talked about artificial intelligence and Ma Huateng talked about the responsibility of Internet companies.

  Ma: The Internet goes deeper into life without worrying too much about new technologies

In today's society, the Internet is deepening the life and work of all of us. He believes that "the data will be the means of production in the next 30 years, the calculation will be productivity, the Internet is a kind of production relationship, and if we do not dataize and not connect to the Internet, it will be more terrible than the power failure of the past 30 years."

On the cyberspace and the rise of digital economy, especially the rise of artificial intelligence technology, Ma said: "200 years ago when the steam engine appeared, people were worried that the steam opportunity would replace our work. More than 100 years ago, when electricity came out When people worry that electricity will take a lot of work, in fact, new technologies are not meant to make people unemployed, but to make people do more valuable things so that people will not repeat themselves, but to innovate and make people's work evolve further. "

He also used the media as an example. The Internet has hit the circulation of newspapers, but those who send newspapers have changed to sending packages. There are more than 3 million couriers in China.

Further, when it comes to the relationship between people and machines, Ma said, "I believe machines will make people's jobs more dignified, more valuable and more creative. For the past 30 years, we have turned people into machines and the next 30 Years, we will turn the machine into a human, but in the end should make the machine more like a machine, people more like people.The trend of technology is irresistible, but the machine has no soul, the machine has no faith, we humans have the soul, the belief, the value, Human beings have unique creativity, human beings have confidence, we can control the machine.Human less than 10% awareness of their own brain, which is 10%, the machine is impossible to go beyond human.(sumhen)