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QI wireless charger radiation pollution will harm on the human body ?

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Big brand mobile phone added wireless  features, so that qi wireless charging technology is gradually known by the public, this is not a novel technology, but many people do not understand it. One of the issues is wireless charging with or without radiation. Some netizens even said: "The radiation of wireless charger is bigger than the radiation of mobile phone network?" So, what seems to be high-tech wireless charger, how much radiation will we bring in everyday use? Will it hurt our health and safety? Here's a small chat with everyone.

Wireless charging, the principle is actually very simple, the famous electromagnetic induction principle as its theoretical basis, simply is the current flow through the coil, it will produce a magnetic field, and close to the magnetic field coil, it will produce induction current, so as to achieve the current Wireless transmission. The whole process is actually very simple, just like the transformer, the iron between the two coils connected, and wireless charging will turn the iron into the air, in order to achieve wireless charging. In contrast, the transmission medium, the efficiency will be very different, the magnetic field in the air, the energy loss is very large, the solution is to increase the voltage and power, to achieve the energy of the central transmission, thus offset the energy in the air In the loss.

Like high-voltage wires, long-term living in the magnetic field of high-voltage wires, it will have some impact on our health. How much harm does the magnetic field generated by the wireless charger bring to our life and health? Previously, CCTV had made such a small experiment for such a problem, they invited Beijing telecom business office staff to test this. The staff used a high-sensitivity radiation tester, which measures the radiation of mobile phones and other items, as well as the electromagnetic pollution of the surrounding environment. The higher the value, the more serious the radiation is.

Using a high-sensitivity radiation tester, measure the wireless charger, and after the power is connected, obtain the radiant intensity of the wireless charger as compared to the amount of radiation added when turning the power off. After turning on the power, the figure increased to 150 to 180, the increment is not very obvious, but proved that there is indeed the existence of the magnetic field radiation.

At the same time staff also measured the use of mobile phones in the process of radiation generated by the magnetic field. Compared to wireless chargers, cell phone radiation is much larger, some phones in the moment the phone is connected, the radiation value of up to two thousand, fewer phones, in the instant, the value has reached 427, and After switched to gradually reduced to 200 or so.

The radiation of wireless charger does not seem to imagine that much, but does not rule out the current market has some inferior products, did not meet the relevant provisions and standards, can not be judged very well, but for the more common "electromagnetic radiation protection provisions ", The average user within 24 hours a day, any 6-minute continuous average body specific absorption rate (SAR) should be less than 0.02W / kg.

Of course, any electromagnetic field will bring a certain degree of magnetic field radiation, the key lies in the strength of the magnetic field and magnetic field sensing distance difference, and bring the radiation intensity. The stronger the electromagnetic field, the stronger the magnetic field will naturally bring radiation, while the energy transmission distance and the strength of the electromagnetic field is proportional to the higher the power of the electromagnetic field, will bring greater magnetic field radiation, electromagnetic field radiation reaches a certain level, and Or people living in a strong magnetic field environment for a long time, will cause some harm to our human body. Experts said that more than 2 milligauss of electromagnetic radiation will cause people suffering from diseases, the brunt of the human skin and mucous membranes, the symptoms manifested as eyelid swelling, congestion, stuffy nose, throat discomfort, or repeated urticaria on the skin of the body , Eczema, itching, etc .; affect the body's immune function may occur when vitiligo, psoriasis, allergic purpura and so on.

Mobile phone wireless charger does bring some radiation to our body, but the level of electromagnetic radiation is lower. At the same time, as the daily use, wireless charger and mobile phone can only work close to each other, but also with the larger distance between people, the real harm caused by very few.

In general, mobile phones for wireless chargers, when used in everyday life is still very safe, you can rest assured to buy to use. I suggest that you use the SUMHEN brand wireless charger, high security, buy link: SUMHEN wirless charger