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Paperang and Memobird,which one is better?

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        Recently,there are two Labels Pocket WiFi Printer products in the Thai market is particularly hot sale.One is paperang P1,other one is Memobird.These two products will soon hot selling  in Japan, Southeast Asian countries.The items is very popular in  travelers, students, couples. Students can use to print study notes or learn experiences.And Passengers or couples can be used to print nice pictures and share sweet love. Christmas and New Year will coming soon, prepare a gift for the person you love,paperang p1 and Memobird are great gift.

   When u choose this items as a gift,which one is better?Someone think paperang is better,because of the size is more smaller,it is more easy pack the items to your pocket,and build in battery,Memobird is without battery.But someone think memobird packing box more  beautiful,print the paper is looks more clearly,quality is more stable.As far as know,Memobird is brand company,and Paperang is Innovative company,so the two companies will not have the same product concept.But the function is similar,APK are very friendly for customer,very easy  to install.Sumhen company has established close ties with the two companies. If you need more product information, please feel free to contact us.

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