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  • CES2018: These technologies and trends make the future come

    1.Automotive Technology - the strongest innovation seriesTechnical supplier representatives: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am car platform, NVIDIA Xavier autopilot, Baidu Apollo2.0 autopilo...

    2018-01-11 16:17:12

  • What did Jack Ma say at the 2017 4th World Internet Conference?

    The annual World Internet Conference, the Internet Gangster has become the focus of many users and the media, especially the BAT's "three heads."December 3 to 5, the Four...

    2017-12-06 15:41:42

  • Paperang and Memobird,which one is better?

    Recently,there are two Labels Pocket WiFi Printer products in the Thai market is particularly hot sale.One is paperang P1,other one is Memobird.These two products will soon hot selling...

    2017-09-04 22:08:17

  • Dad builds video baby monitor sumhen

    Video baby monitors are among the latest gadgets offering peace of mind to anxious new parents, but with a price tag of up to £200, they are beyond the reach of many families on a budget.(Su...

    2017-05-27 16:01:38

  • Facebook "overvalued" video viewing time, than buy minix neo u1 tvbox

    Facebook has overestimated how much video people have watched for the last two years,the firm has admitted.than buy minix neo u1 tvbox from sumhenOne advertiser suggested that, in some ca...

    2016-09-23 22:27:47

  • Actor Emma Watson in call for equality

    Actor Emma Watson, a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, has made a call for gender equality in a speech in New York.from shenzhen sumhenAt an event for the UN Women campaign HeFo...

    2016-09-23 22:24:08

  • Hong Kong outrage at 'Arrival' poster skyline blunder

    It probably was not the publicity they were hoping for.sumhenEarlier this week, Paramount Pictures released a series of posters to promote upcoming sci-fi film Arrival.One poster showed ...

    2016-08-20 22:27:58

  • Aeolus space laser catches a following wind for sumhen

    Europe’s Aeolus space laser mission, which is designed to make unprecedented maps of Earth’s winds, has reached a long-awaited key milestone.sumhenEngineers atAirbus in the UKhave fin...

    2016-08-20 22:06:42

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