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  • New pocket printer-Sumhen PeriPage printer

    Mobile phone new companion - PeriPage pocket printerMentioned the printer,If you think of it first,Still, that accounted for more than half of the table,The big guy who is working hard and ...

    2018-12-20 20:42:37

  • New Generation of Portable Magnetic Finger pow Charger Power Bank

    Today's smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives, but after a year of use, mobile phones often need to be recharged, which is very inconvenient. Especially when u going out, ordin...

    2018-09-19 11:09:36

  • This is the coolest Bluetooth padlock in the world

    Recently, there is a smart Bluetooth padlock hot sale in the market. We usually have the trouble of forgetting to bring the keys, there is no way to enter the house. And now there is a smart ...

    2018-07-24 22:32:00

  • New generation of pocket printer Paperang P2

    We are in an age of information explosion. Fragmented information needs to be sorted out and summarized. Many restaurants and e-commerce companies need to send goods to end customers, and ...

    2018-06-04 17:19:56

  • How to choose smart bracelet?

    The smart bracelet is a smart wearable device, which is very similar to a smart watch. Its main functions are time, pace, heart rate, schedule/call/message reminder, and browsing mobile ...

    2018-05-11 21:25:28

  • PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses makes insomnia impossible

    Are you troubled by insomnia?A new generation of scientific and technological innovation product" PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses" came out, improving your sleep and solving ins...

    2018-04-11 18:31:10

  • Paperang P1S has a date with your spring

    Paperang P1s, Paperang latest product that supports multiple color appearance, as well as support for multi-standard label printing.Bid farewell to the cold winter;Can not wait to enter the...

    2018-03-06 11:13:57

  • New items of Memobird and Paperang,amazing?

    In the past few months, our partner companies product “ Paperang P1 “and “Memobird G2” swept the southeast Asian market. Agents and customers who work with us have made huge profi...

    2018-01-23 23:12:07

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